Money Manager


We Just Made It Easier to Manage Your Money!

Finance Works is now Money Manager! 

With Money Manager, you can:

  • Track spending from all of your accounts in one place
  • Create custom categories for all of your expenses
  • Set email and text alerts to help keep you in budget
  • Set savings, debt and retirement goals

What is Money Manager?

It's a free, versatile tool that combines, tracks, and organizes all of your financial information. You can watch your expenses, create budgets, set future goals, and more.

How does Money Manager differ from FinanceWorks?

Money Manager will provide the same in-depth overview of your spending trends as FinanceWorks did, with added features and benefits. These include more accurate auto-categorization of your transactions, as well as more sophisticated goal setting, a personalized debt payoff calculator and more.

Did my data from FinanceWorks transfer over to Money Manager?

All of your Altier accounts are automatically added. Outside accounts will need to be re-added by entering your login credentials from your other financial institutions. From there, your transaction histories will be auto-populated directly from those accounts. Customized categories, alerts and goals will need to be re-added as well. You can add your other non-Altier accounts and view them in online banking

How do I add an account or loan to Money Manager?

Under the Accounts tab, click the Add an Account button in the top right corner. Enter in the name of the financial institution. Enter in your login information for that account, loan or credit card. From there, your transactions should automatically populate into your budgets.

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