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We understand that this news will undoubtedly raise questions and we hope the following information will answer many of them. As Altier continues to move through the merger process, we will post the most updated information to assist members with the transition.

Why is Altier merging with America First Credit Union?

 A merger with America First is a mutually beneficial partnership.

  • Altier members will be able to benefit from America First’s wide range of products, services, technology, and competitive rates.
  • The culture and superior member service standards of each credit union are a good match.
  • Altier’s branch locations will play an important role in America First’s future growth plans and ability to serve its existing members in the greater Phoenix area.

Will the merger affect the credit union’s long-standing relationship with SRP?

Altier selected America First as a merger partner because it values the long-standing history between Altier and SRP. America First desires to continue this relationship and explore ways in which the relationship can potentially be enhanced to benefit the SRP family.

Where is America First located?

America First is headquartered in Ogden, Utah. America First has branches located in Utah, Nevada, Idaho, and Arizona.

What products and services does America First offer?

America First has a wide range of financial products and services including:

  • Mortgage & real estate loans
  • Automobile & RV lending
  • Credit & debit cards with chip-enabled security
  • Cash rebate & rewards programs
  • Business accounts & business loans
  • Free online banking
  • Free mobile Banking
  • Person to person transfers
  • Free online bill pay
  • Investment & insurance services
  • Full range of deposit products

Please visit for more information about America First products and services.

What will happen to my Altier account?

For the time being nothing will change with your account. You will continue to use your Altier account as you currently do. At a future date, your account information and balances will be moved to America First systems with a new account number. We will continue to inform you in advance to help you through the transition of your account services.

Will I need to update my bill pay, direct deposit or automatic payments when my account is transferred?

Our goal is to make this transition as automated as possible, and require little action on your part. In terms of ACH transactions, you will not need to make any adjustments at all.

Will Altier branches remain open?

Yes. Altier branches will remain open with the same hours and friendly employees you are familiar with.

What will happen to the employees at Altier?

Altier employees will become employees of America First and will be provided with career opportunities as part of America First’s ongoing business and growth in Arizona.

Will my credit and debit cards still work?

Yes. Your credit and debit cards will continue to be accepted anywhere Visa® cards are accepted. You will receive advance information regarding the transition to America First credit and debit cards.

I already have an account at America First. Can I transact at an Altier location?

Yes you can. We have both America First and Altier employees available to serve you at each of our five branch locations. 

Can I transact on my Altier account at an America First location?

Yes you can. Altier members can now transact on their Altier account at an America First branch location. 

Can Altier members begin to use America First products and services right away? 

Yes, in most instances Altier members may begin enjoying the benefits of America First membership. Please contact an Altier member service representative at your local branch to discuss further.

Does America First offer shared branching?

Like Altier, America First does not participate in any shared branching programs.

What will happen to loan and deposit rates? 

Interest rates on existing Altier loan and certificate of deposit accounts will remain in effect through the end of their term according to the loan contract or certificate agreement.

Rates on other deposit accounts and new loans and certificate of deposit accounts will be evaluated and changed for most products to match those of America First as of March 1 or shortly thereafter. 

Will fees change after the merger?

For products or services where America First’s fees are less than those of Altier, the fee amount will be changed to match those of America First. These fee changes will be in effect as of March 1 or shortly thereafter.

In the event a fee will be increased, Altier members will be provided notice in advance of the fee change going into effect.

Who should I contact with additional questions?

Please visit your local Altier branch, call ServiceLine, or send an email to

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