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The executive staff and senior leadership team work closely with the board of directors to set the strategic direction of the credit union, and to focus on what matters most to its members — so we can meet your needs and succeed in business every day.

Executive Staff

  • David Skilton, President & CEO

Senior Leadership Team

  • Jesse Crenshaw, Director | Lending
  • Brenda McSwain, Director | Administration & Facilities
  • Shane Rowe, Director | Information Technology
  • Tania Rush, Director | Branch Operations
  • Amanda Theisen, Director | Finance
  • Susan Walker, Director | Marketing


  • Donna Buchanan, Manager | Mortgage
  • Megan Hurst, Manager | ServiceLine/Tempe Branch
  • Amy Kramer, Manager | EFT/Fraud Prevention
  • Mike McKee, Manager | Consumer Lending
  • Sailen Patel, Manager | Information Technology
  • Cupid Rosser, Manager | Branch Support
  • Francine Serritella, Manager | Human Resources
  • Sherrie Sykes, Manager | Asset Solutions
  • Daniel Valenzuela, Manager | Mesa Gateway Branch

Our Board of Directors

Members of Altier Credit Union's Board of Directors are unpaid volunteers and each serve three-year (elected) terms. The board members are charged with the responsibility to set the overall policies for the credit union, and to guide the general direction of the credit union while maintaining the best interest of its members. 

  • Rose Pfister, Board Chairman
  • Brendan O'Connor, Vice Chairman
  • Yvonne Reinink, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Vicki Davis, Director
  • Nathan Erickson, Director
  • George Njock II, Director

Our Supervisory Committee

The Supervisory Committee is appointed by the board of directors to ensure that credit union policies are adhered to and that financial records are accurate. This committee retains internal and external auditors to review the operations and systems of internal control of the credit union. 

  • Randy Dietrich, Chairman
  • Kevin Carlson
  • John Evancevich
  • Kandy Gomez
  • Cheryl Zittle