Steps to Protect Yourself from Fraud During Your Trip

We constantly monitor credit and debit card activity for suspicious purchases, foreign transactions and other activity that could raise a red flag as part of our commitment to protecting your accounts from fraud.

Before the Trip 

  • Contact Us – Even if you're just traveling out of state, please let us know your travel plans to reduce the likelihood of your card being suspended for suspicious activity
    • Members can also log in to online banking and use the secure chat system
  • Traveling Out of the Country? EMV chip cards are required in many foreign countries. If you have not received an EMV chip debit card yet, please contact us prior to your trip to request a new card
    • Please allow 7-10 business days for your new card to arrive via mail
    • Instant Issue debit cards can be picked up same-day in our Tempe, Mesa Gateway and Page branches
  • Unpack Critical Documents– Remove Social Security card, bank statements, PIN or password cards, medical documents, checkbooks, etc. from your wallet or purse
    • Pare down even further before venturing out from your hotel room
    • Use a hotel safe, front desk lock box, or a money belt
  • Learn How to Reset your PIN and know who to call if your card is lost or stolen
  • Double Check Account Balances, due dates, credit limits, and card expiration dates
  • Switch to eStatements - to protect your private information
  • Update Contact Information – Make changes/verify through online banking or call us 

Stick with Bank ATMs 

  • Convenience is Not Always Best – Fraudulent ATM card readers are most often discovered at non-bank, generic ATMs (hotels, gas stations, casinos, etc.) and tend to be targeted by thieves more often. Find an ATM

Shared Internet Connections

  • Avoid Logging Into your Bank Account, work email, or other sensitive accounts if at all possible
  • If you Plan on Using Public Wi-Fi when traveling, make sure your connections are secure
    • Check for the when online
    • The "s" means "secure" and indicates that the data is encrypted for more protection

Report Lost of Stolen Card 

  • Credit Cards: 24/7 Phone Assistance Line will disable and order a replacement card
    • Toll Free: 855.609.3597
    • International: 1.540.707.4030

  • Debit Cards: 
    • During Business Hours: Call us directly at 602.797.3000
    • After Hours/Holidays: Call the 24/7 VISA hotline at 800.554.8969*

      *Remember, calling the debit card hotline will only disable your lost or stolen card. You must still contact the credit union during normal business hours to order a replacement card.

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