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The Benefits of Credit Union Membership

You're never just another customer; you're a member with a stake in everything we do. Whether you are saving or borrowing, credit unions are a financial partners that you can trust. Credit unions are organizations of people, not of money. Big in technology but small enough to stay connected to the community.

It's about lending a hand, helping to build financial health and wellness, and shaping a powerful financial future throughout our communities, one member at a time.

As not-for-profit institutions, credit unions exist to serve the needs of their members and educate members about sensible money management to help improve their individual financial well-being. Credit unions are managed by a volunteer board of directors who serve only to assist the financial health of the entire membership. This service-oriented philosophy is the most significant benefit of credit union membership. 

Effective March 1, 2018, Altier Credit Union and America First Credit Union entered into a merger agreement and have embarked on a mutually beneficial partnership. The culture and superior member service standards of each credit union are a great match, and both share the fundamental belief that 'members come first.'

Altier members are now able to benefit from America First’s wide range of products, services, technology, and competitive rates.

Learn more about America First Credit Union and join us today!

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Don't Just Bank. <br>Save Money, Find Time

Don't Just Bank.
Save Money, Find Time

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Budgeting Basics

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Shaping a powerful financial future throughout our communities, one member at a time.